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After many years of engineering design and fabrication work we are offering custom intake manifolds.  Made from high-grade aluminum and tig-welded, we design and build “sheetmetal” intakes specifically for your race engine combination.  We are able to simulate racing engine conditions using our in-house software and use the results to assist us during fabrication.  Pontiac applications are our specialty but not our exclusivity so call with your needs. 

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468 cid Pontiac Alcohol Injected

441 cid SBC EFI


541 CID Pontiac Alcohol Injected

541 CID Pontiac Twin Dominator with NOS


541 cid Pontiac IA1 Tall Deck EFI

Super Stock 350 EFI research and development manifold.
Super Stock 350 EFI research manifold - 2nd Edition.